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Increase exposure to the study of art history (political and cultural conditions). Further identify the elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, pattern, space). Discuss design ideas and techniques and identify aspects that contribute to the effectiveness of a work of art. Formulate an understanding of and criteria for making judgements through involvement in viewing, discussing and analysing works of art. Develop experimental art-related skills. Use personal and cultural experiences as subject matter in art work. About the famous artist & their art work. Mind stimulating activities.

Use a variety of media & medium to create art.

Play, fun, quality, imagination, development, individuality, curiousity, hands-on trying.

Creativity, exploration, thinking, skills, persistence, ideas, love of learning, confidence.

Help, plan, correct, play, prepare, inspire, encourage, educate, explain, create, implement, respond, build, find, understand, guide, support, read, hug, celebrate, recognize & meet needs.

Time, energy, love, concern, experience, care, skills, resources, everything!

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